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Putting the model to work with staff

In this post Dr Liz Bennett, University Teaching Fellow in the School of Education and Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield discusses academic staff digital literacies. I applied the hierarchical model devised by Rhona Sharpe and Helen Beetham (2010)

What’s at the top of the pyramid?

I’ve been troubled for while about what’s at the top of the pyramid model. I explore this in a forthcoming book chapter: Sharpe, R. (forthcoming 2014) What does it take to learn in next generation learning spaces? In Fraser, K.

Developing Digital Literacies ALT Webinar

The recording and slides from today’s ALT Webinar with Helen Beetham are now available at: Helen presented this version of the model and talked about digital identity has turned out to be a good hook for engaging colleagues in

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Extending the model for service development at University of Cardiff

The JISC funded Digidol model at the University of Cardiff have extended the framework to add a first level of awareness. See    

Analysing academics’ adoption of learning technologies

The framework has been used to analyse academics’ adoption of learning technologies inLiz Bennett’s EdD ‘Learning from the early adopters’. This uses the model as a construct to analyse interview data. Resources Bennett, L (2012) ‘Learning from the Early Adopters: the